My Story

I was raised in San Antonio right here in House District 121. 

I grew up with six brothers and sisters, cared for by a single mother who taught us the lessons of hard work and sacrifice. I remember going with her on the weekends to clean the homes of my classmates. It wasn’t easy, but she did everything she could to make sure we had a fair shot at success.

Because of her, I got my fair shot. I graduated with a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University in 2006 and returned to work for Texas Public Radio. After TPR, I helped create a local non-profit to tackle our city’s rising illiteracy rates and I currently work with our family-run business.

I am deeply committed to our community. I previously served as President of the Junior League of San Antonio, and I am currently Co-Chair of the Women and Girls Development Fund at San Antonio Area Foundation, and a board member for the San Antonio Public Library Foundation.

I’ve been fortunate to see what life is like in HD 121 from many different perspectives, and one thing is very clear: people from all walks of life don’t feel like they’re getting a fair shot anymore. 

For over 20 years our state has been controlled by one party, with a single, static vision that no longer meets the needs of Texans today.  In the Texas of today, we can expand Medicaid and protect the Affordable Care Act while also supporting our small businesses. We can equitably and fully fund our schools and teachers while also investing in a robust economy, and… we can protect our environment while remaining a global leader in energy.

Like Texas, HD 121 is changing, and I believe it’s time our leadership changes, too. I would be the first Democrat, the first Latina, and the youngest person to ever represent this district. Let’s change the face of power in Austin and start fighting for policies that will lift up every Texan.