Where I Stand on the Issues

I will fight for our public community schools, teachers and support personnel. 

I am a proud product of our public school system, and I have two young children currently enrolled in our public schools, too. I also helped co-found a successful non-profit organization that is tackling our city’s illiteracy rates. 

Texas ranks 43rd in school spending compared to the rest of the nation.  Years of underfunding from the state has increased our property taxes and deepened inequities in our communities. We must fully fund our schools, increase teacher and support personnel pay, and oppose any efforts to divert our tax dollars to private-school vouchers. .

Texas has the highest uninsured rate in the country, including the most uninsured children. It’s time to stop playing games and expand Medicaid in Texas, now! Texas families work hard for what they have, and we must do the same for them. 

I am committed to expanding your access to quality and affordable healthcare, not limiting it. That means fighting for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and making sure insurance companies won’t deny you coverage for pre-existing conditions, reducing the cost of prescription drugs, creating parity for mental health services, and, protecting access to reproductive healthcare and abortion services. 

This also includes advocating for and protecting pregnant Texans, especially Black women who suffer higher rates of maternal mortality and preterm labor in our state. 

Pass common-sense gun reform, NOW!

It’s time we elect people who won’t be afraid to go to Austin and demand common-sense gun safety legislation, like requiring universal background checks, getting guns out of the hands of domestic-violence abusers, and passing stronger red flag laws.

The City of El Paso, Santa Fe High School, First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs… we know all too well the price of gun violence in Texas. And it’s way past time we do something about it. 

I know how to fight for workers and small business owners, because I am both. 

Small businesses employ almost half of all private-sector employees in the state and are the lifeblood of our local economies. Preparing small businesses for the future means investing in career-training programs and a 21st century job growth mentality. Texas needs leaders that will fighter for equal pay for equal work, protect workers from discrimination, and support a living minimum wage.


There exists substantial, and devastating, inequities in our criminal justice system that we must address immediately. We need to ensure our criminal justice system is not punishing individuals for the color of their skin, or for being poor, homeless or needing mental health support. We must also ensure basic needs are met in our prisons and our juvenile detention centers so efforts can focus on recovery, not recidivism. This means taking action like reforming our bail system, ending the death penalty and not sending people to prison for low-level, non-violent crimes.

We can support our local law enforcement while also demanding changes to police culture and contracts and that have resulted in the tragic murders of American citizens simply because of the color of their skin. I support, among other things,  reforming qualified immunity laws, establishing a database to track officers with a history of misconduct, and tougher accountability measures in police union contracts.

 It’s time for politicians to stop choosing their voters. 

The Texas Legislature will go through the redistricting process in 2021, and who’s elected in 2020 will determine whether or not we have fair maps. For generations, politicians have used the redistricting process to gerrymander legislative districts. I believe this a major contributing factor to the increase in polarization in our politics today, and also flat out wrong and discriminatory. 

It’s time to end partisan gerrymandering and make sure the people choose their representatives, not the other way around.

 Climate change is happening and the implications are significant.

This is not a partisan issue and we have to fight against such characterizations. Texas is a leader in wind and solar energy, and we can remain an energy leader in the 21st century by investing in renewable energies and creating green jobs. If we want clean air and water for our children to breathe and drink, it means we must be serious about regulating emissions and holding corporations and individuals accountable with real penalties when they pollute our environment

We must take climate change into account as we plan for the future and engage with scientists who are studying the effects of climate change and the human activities that lead to it. 

We need a complete review of our antiquated and imbalanced tax system in Texas. For years, the state has saddled homeowners with taking on the burden of funding our schools while simultaneously relieving itself of the same responsibility. We need leaders who are committed to delivering real property tax relief by holding the state accountable to its most important functions. 

We must protect and expand exemption programs for our seniors and our veterans, especially at a time when housing costs and the rate of inflation are rising, but wages are remaining flat.